Natural Treatment for Acne

Acne is known as one of the most common and chronic skin disorders in the world today. Acne has been reported to affect millions of people. These people are of every gender, race, and age. Research has shown that it has been seen in the female population in the amount of 80 percent and the male population is shown to be 90 percent, in the teenage population. Acne is also known to occur in adults and infants as well. It normally is seen on the neck, face, back, and chest. This condition is both bothering and annoying and should be addressed, if at all possible.

There are many ways you can treat acne. One of these ways is through the use of natural acne treatments. Some of the more known natural acne treatments are with the use of lotions and cleansing agents. These are normally mainly made up of benzoyl peroxide, creams and gels that are made up of modified forms of vitamin A, and some antibiotics that are put on to the skin directly or can be taken orally.

The most basic and simple ways to prevent acne from ever developing is a good diet. This is one of the easiest natural acne treatments. A diet that is based on unprocessed and whole foods is a way to prevent acne from ever developing. This is why your doctor or nutritionist may recommend that you eat at least five servings of vegetables and fruit everyday.

Research has shown that one natural acne remedy is foods that have healthy omega 3 oils. Examples of these foods are flaxseeds, tuna, salmon and sardines. Limit intake of omega 6’s as well. These are found in vegetable oils. Also restrict trans fats found in fast food, packaged and processed foods. Water has been shown to be a good remedy as well. You should drink at least eight glasses of water a day. When you do this you should increase your fiber intake as well for other health reasons.

There are also some effective nutritional vitamins and supplements that work to clear up your acne. One of these is vitamin A. This has a very strong potential to be able to reduce the levels of sebum production. This should be done only under your doctor’s supervision. This can have side affects such as birth defects, decreased bone density, headaches, and even muscle and joint pain. It may be not worth the risk using this remedy.

You can avoid the use of vitamin A if you have an adequate intake of vitamin E, zinc, and beta carotene. Zinc has been shown to be a good remedy for acne. It is most helpful in the prevention of acne formation. It also has been shown to aid in the healing of blemishes and decreasing inflammation. Try to get these nutrients, especially A and beta carotene, from food, or natural whole foods supplements like cod liver oil, which aren’t toxic like excessive amounts of other supplements.

You can also use vitamin B6. It is an effective form of natural acne remedy. This is because vitamin B6 can help in mid-cycle and premenstrual acne. You may also want to try some herbal remedies. These remedies may include yellow dock, sarsaparilla, cleavers, and burdock. These are effective because they are powerful lymph and blood cleansers where the infection sometimes starts.

Essential oils can also help acne. Check out a good book on aromatherapy for recipes and recommendations. Apple cider vinegar is an old remedy that some swear by for using on the face as a toner. Honey also makes a wonderful treatment for the facial skin. Just put two drops in your warm hands and dab on your face. It’s antibacterial and draws moisture, not oil to the skin. For more information read this review of Beauty Secrets of the Bible.

Acne can also cause problems with self esteem which is another great reason to get it treated. If you try all of these natural remedies and you still experience acne, speak with a dermatologist and tell them you would like to take care of your acne without chemical products, they should have other options for you to use.

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