Pretty Hands In 3 Easy Steps

Your healthy habits have made the skin on your face look great for your age, but what about your hands? One day I looked down at mine and thought: “Ugh! When did my hands get so wrinkly and dry looking?” So I decided to do something about it. I found that there are 3 major enemies to your hands. If you know how to get around these, your hands will be softer, prettier and younger looking.

Keep Your Hands Out Of Water – Housewifery and Mommyhood are hard on your digits. Washing your hands frequently after diaper changes, dishwashing, exposing your hands to cleaning products (even environmentally safe ones) can be extremely drying, making your hands look old before their time and also increasing the likelihood of getting little nicks and cuts that can lead to infection.

So baby your hands – be diligent about wearing gloves while doing house cleaning. Better yet, slather on lotion before you put them on for an extra moisture boost. After every handwashing, repeat. And look for moisturizing products with oil, not water, as the first ingredient.

Stay Away From The Sun – If you’re like most women, you put moisturizer and sunscreen on your face every single day. Why? To prevent premature aging, of course. Why do your hands deserve less? Excessive sun damage is a major cause of premature aging. Protect your hands with a good sunscreen.

Remove Dead Skin – Your hands need exfoliation every once in awhile to look their best. Try putting a handful of sugar in your palm and adding a bit of olive oil, and scrubbing for a minute. Rinse and then moisturize. You can also use a bit of lemon juice with the sugar if your nails need brightening. For a special treat, slather on a thick moisturizer after this routine and wear cotton gloves to bed. You’ll wake up with baby soft hands.

Your hands work so hard. They deserve some tender loving care so treat them well!