Candace’s Birth Story

Early morning March 26th (my darling sons due date to boot!) I woke up and was having sharp pains in my belly, like I had to pee and hadn’t in months so I got up and tried to pee and couldn’t right away so Im thinking I am having a bladder infection. Well, this went on for a few hours. Once at 5, 6, 6:30, 7am… All I could think was I am going to be so sick come Wednesday for my induction because I am going to have a bladder infection on top of labour… then it hit me…the pains I was having were contractions (DUH) and I started to get nervous LOL. I felt so silly. I already had a child so this shouldnt be new to me. it was embarrassing LOL.

I called my baby sitter and by the time she got to our house it was almost nine and my contractions were about 6-8 minutes apart and rather uncomfortable! . So the weather was lousy too and we had to be careful driving because it was raining so hard. Dylan had to make his stop at Tim Hortons on the way and by this time we werent even out of town and the contractions were coming at about 3-5 minutes! I was getting frustrated but kept my cool and breathed through them.

birth story

We got to the hospital at 10 after 10 am and we went up stairs. They hooked me up to the monitors and all of a sudden they stopped coming so fast and were now 10-12 minutes apart! I was so disappointed! I was so relaxed once I got there and I think that might be why. Was I really in labour? I will never know really I guess.

At noon my doctor came in and checked me I was 2 cm dialated and about 75% effaced (still, had been for weeks) and she said “well, I could send you home and you could come back on Wednesday as planned but I think Im just going to break your water now!” So that she did. I barely had any water come out because his head was in the way. There was no poop so that was good.

So then I started to walk the halls. An hour later nothing had changed so they started me on this pill that works like pitocin I assume to get things going. I really didn’t want it, but I also didn’t want to be in the hospital for any longer than I needed to be. I walked again for another hour, then took another pill. At 3:30pm they gave me two pills and I just rocked in bed…that did it, the contractiosn were coming now.

I then decided since my contractions were about 5 minutes apart I should get in the tub. So we did that. The bubbles made me mad during contractions and I think I could have been without it. The tub was so poorly designed there were no steps to get out, and when I went to get out I couldn’t because my contractions were so intense (I was a breathing champ though) I kept having to get back in. Dylan my husband got me out of the tub finally and we got me back in my sexy gown and went into the room and started debating whether I was going to have an epidural…and guess what…they said NO! The nurse and my doctor said I was doing so wonderfully with the breathing (stupid yoga LOL) that they wanted me to try the fentinol (sp??) .

With my dd’s labour I hated it, but this time I was actually glad I had it. My contractions were about 2-3 minutes apart and I was about 5 cms dilated it was around 5 pm. I was never so happy to be stoned in my life when the contractions were stopped LOL. Doesnt do much help when you are having them but I could almost pass out in between. About every 10 minutes I would mention the epidural again and they would hem and haw and change the subject.

Tayven was posterior so I was having back labour and decided I wanted to get on all fours on the bed to help with that. It helped pretty good for that. At around 6:30 ish I felt I had to poop and push so they checked me and I was about 8 cms so she said I could push lightly but just enough to poop if I had too… which was gross, and tmi I know, but heck it happens I guess!

I was in sooooo much bloody pain I wanted to die. At a bit after 7 I was checked and I was ready to go. You cannot really fight the urge to push like I wished I could have if it was going to get the pain to go away…but you can yell and growl! LOL! Man talk about fire in the hole! LMAO! No turning back now I kept thinking. I was now on my left side, holding onto the bar for dear life and just givin er heck. Swear words and a few words to God came out with each push and contraction,…and a lot of noise LOL.

Then they said his head was out and then the rest of him came that is a werid sensation! Huge wave of relief!! This TODDLER falls out of me LOL. My son weighed TEN POUNDS EIGHT OUNCES!!!!! Not a single stitch!!!

He had the cord around his neck a bit so he was blueish tinged for a while but was okay. I only pushed for 11 minutes apparently, felt like hours. It was the most amazing experience in my life. With my first born I had an epidural, and didn’t have as much freedom. This time around, I didnt need to be hooked up to anything, and I had control. It was amazing. If I am ever to have another child, I am going to do it the same way.

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