Levi’s Homebirth Story

My first homebirth but 4th baby, I was a little scared of the new experience. I had natural birth in a hospital before, but this was a whole new territory in every way. Levi was 10 days late, and I had labor for like 3 weeks every night.

On the eve of his birth I knew it was close because I was on the floor playing trains with my 3 yr old and could hardly move, the head was sooo low.

Any way later that night around 9 my water broke while I was on the toilet (thank God) so it wasn’t a mess! I didn’t feel any contractions yet but called the midwife anyway. I’ve never had quick labors but hoping this one would be a quickie.

The contractions came soon after, and I was off to an intense start! They were hard and took lots of concentration.

My midwife came 30 min after my water broke and said I was about 4 cm. It was full on after that!

I chose to be alone for a while but needed help an hour or so later. Time had no meaning then, just seemed like I was awake forever.

Four hours after my water breaking I was at 9 and a half and felt like pushing! It wasn’t over yet, cause my cervix was swollen and I stayed at 9 1/2 for 3 more hours!! I admit, I felt like I was dying, and almost bit the midwife’s arm thinking it was my pillow.

Levi was born at 4 in the morning onto the bathroom floor,and boy was I relieved!! Come to find out, my tailbone was not moving which cause him to crown at an angle and that was the source of the pain and delay of birth.

I am so glad for the experience though, the sensitivity of the midwifery care that I never had at a hospital, and the bonding with the baby and my husband!


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