Zayden’s Birth

I laboured off an on for a while, but the true labour, the painful part only lasted about seven hours, just like my other two children Alexis and Tayven’s births.

On Saturday the 31st of January 2009, I thought I was in labour, called my midwife Anne-Marie and she told me to take two Tylenol and go to bed, because if it was early labour, I would need my rest. So I went to bed… woke up to the phone at 8am, a tad angry because 1- its really early and 2- I wasn’t in labour!! Well it was Anne-Marie calling to say that her and Amy (the student midwife working with her) would be over in the morning to do a realllly good sweeping of my membranes. They got to my house around 10:30 and she did it… it was really uncomfortable, but not overly painful. She said usually within 24 hours if it is going to work, it will work, and to squat when I had even a little contraction, and to walk. So my Mom came over just after they left, I was still only 3cm’s like I was at my last appt. We decided to go for a walk. We stayed out till after lunch then I came home.

At supper time around 4:30, my contractions started to get regular again, I would get down and squat by my chair. My Mom took Alexis for a sleep over, and I gave Tayven a bath and put him to bed.

At 8pm I was getting really cranky and tired. I went upstairs to go rest. I kept having contractions, I would squat on the bed, it was easier on my legs. At 9pm I came back downstairs to spend time with my husband Dylan and tried to watch a movie, but I really couldn’t focus on the movie and these contractions I was having. I went back upstairs, and at 11:45 I decided I better page Anne-Marie again. I told her what was going on, and she was on her way. About 45 minutes later or so her and Amy showed up. She checked me and I was 6 cms dilated!!!!!!!! I was so shocked! She told me to go hop in the shower while they set up and got all there stuff in. I was definitely in labour! (no kiddin eh!)

So I got in the shower. Dylans Mom and her partner were spending time with us to help us with our new addition. My Mom came back over, she left Alexis with my step Dad and headed into town. Everyone kept coming in the bathroom to pee while I was in the shower. It was really funny. I stayed in the shower till the hot water ran out, didn’t take long due to the fact I had it so HOT, because it felt so right!

I got out of the shower and I remember making a joke to Anne-Marie that I was just putting on my makeup and I would be right out. Then Amy broke my water and holy snappens I had a lot! She helped me over to the toilet to let it all pour out (well most of it). candace and zayden - home birth

My contractions were strong and got stronger as we went up and down my stairs!

So I did the stairs for a while. They were getting stronger by the minute.

After I had enough of the stairs I went back up to my room to try the birthing stool.

That was a huuuuuuuuuge huuuuuuuuuge help for getting the baby’s head to come down.

The pressure was so strong. I remember I didnt want to really be there, but it really helped move things along!

I remember at one point, my Mom, and inlaws were giggling out in the hall way… At first it was okay, I knew they were not laughing at me, but my Mom let out a laugh at the wrong time and Amy went out to tell them to be quiet because I was really agitated! LOL!

I don’t really remember details after this. I know at one point I got up on the bed, and my contractions/pressure was not as bad, and someone suggested I get back on the stool… but I thought to myself “no I don’t want to, that makes it hurt more because it helps speed things up!”

But I did and I had to push. Anne Marie helped the last bit of my cervix go around his head. I pushed for a while there, but I wanted on the bed… So they helped me up. I remember I didn’t want to push because it hurt. I remember thinking “if I just close my legs it will all go away!” But even when I wouldn’t push, my body would push anyways, and I gave in. I was told I pushed for under 20 minutes, I still don’t know the exact time. And I felt his head be born, and that hurt. Then Anne-Marie checked to see if the cord was wrapped, and it was not, so I continued on to push out his shoulders and the rest of him. I felt the familiar feeling like when I had Tayven, the baby coming out then this rush of adrenaline. It was finally over. Dylans mom cut the cord.

Zayden-William Thomas was born at 3:10am, Feb 1st (Super Bowl Sunday..poor Dylan missed it because he was so tired) at 10lbs 2oz!

It was absolutely wonderful. The best birthing experience I ever had. The midwives were so supportive. Amy was fantastic and acted mainly as a doula. She did break my water etc, but mostly just was there for support and she was absolutely fantastic! She is going to make an excellent Midwife someday!

Tayven woke up while I was pushing, but didn’t come in till after. He was very fascinated with his brother, and still is. A bit rough, but we just keep a very watchful eye on him. Alexis came home near noon the next day, and was verrrry happy her baby was finally here.

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