Easy Ideas To Get Your Kids To Eat Broccoli

Easy Ideas To Get Your Kids To Consume Broccoli
Most children are picky when it comes to eating their veggies. They have their favorites and then there are the ones that they won’t eat no matter how hard you try. If your child won’t even try anything green, learn options to get them to consume it and appreciate the flavor. Today, we’ll be starting with broccoli.

The most convenient way to get your child to eat broccoli is to add it to a dish that they already like. If your child has never tried broccoli, this will make it easier still. The taste of the other foods will mask the taste of the broccoli. Broccoli doesn’t taste bad, but it does need some sprucing up to taste better.

Combine broccoli to a dish of macaroni and cheese. Most if not all children love to eat macaroni and cheese. Steam a pan of broccoli until it is almost done, but still very green. Once the macaroni and cheese is ready mix the broccoli in. Before you mix it, cut off the stalks. The tops are easier to eat. Sometimes the stalks have hard parts that you could chew on for days and they still wouldn’t disappear. If you don’t want to chop all of those stems, buy bags of broccoli that just contain the florets.

Does your child beg for casseroles? Mix in broccoli to your favorite casserole. Transform a cheesy chicken and rice casserole into a cheesy chicken, broccoli, and rice casserole. A beef and noodle casserole could get a touch of green with some broccoli florets. Your children will be so thankful that they don’t have to eat peas that they won’t even care about what’s in the casserole.

My children crave chicken potpie. Most potpies contain segments of potatoes, carrots, and green beans. If you are making it homemade, add a few baby broccoli florets to the vegetable mixture. Once the veggies soften and mix with the chicken, and the cream soup the taste blends right in. You can add broccoli to a turkey or a beef potpie also.

Serve broccoli as a snack. Many times, kids will snack on veggies when they are raw and they taste better to them that way. Set out a plate of broccoli with the stalks and a bowl of ranch dressing. Ranch dressing on veggies is tasty and a quick snack to nibble on while watching television or doing homework. It fills them up for the moment and there’s no sugar in it to ruin their dinner. If ranch dressing is not their thing, try cottage cheese, yogurt, or another type of dressing.

Broccoli works well as a accompaniment with a sauce. Most of the time you see broccoli with a sauce, it is cheese sauce. Beware of the fat content though. Use a low-fat cheese to melt on top or try Velveeta® light cheese spread. Light salsa con queso (with cheese) is also an alternative for a sauce topping.

Broccoli is a wonderful vegetable to consume. It can be added to any pasta dish or casserole, or used as a side dish with seasonings for flavor. Getting your children to eat broccoli is a task but it can be done if you use their favorite foods as a decoy.

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