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How much do you love your pets? They are important members of the family right? That is very normal today, pets have become a great center of attention for so many people because they loving and make wonderful and loyal companions. For some it is the closest thing to having children and they become your babies.

Well these babies need to be taken care of as well as any other babies and natural families seek to find the most natural pet care processes they can. Natural pet care would include few chemicals in care products if any and as little medical intervention as possible. There are many options available if you would like to provide natural pet care for your animals.

First you might consider the vet you see. There are directories of vets available online that list vets who promote natural vet medicine. This means they will do what is necessary for your animal’s health while treating them naturally. This could mean they would give them a special diet of all natural foods. It could even mean a raw food diet.

Your vet might also suggest some kind of natural supplements for your pet as well. If for example there is something wrong with your animal’s health there are supplements that can be tried before, after and during medications. Labradors for example, are prone to get hip displasia and there are several natural treatments available for this. All you have to do is talk to a natural vet to get the best recommendations.

When buying pet food look for brands that contain all-natural, whole foods and ingredients, not meat “by-products” and “filler” made from corn.  If you see pet food made with “meals” avoid it as “meals” are leftover animal parts, boiled and processed.  Other items found in pet food include toxic pesticides and potentially hazardous synthetic preservatives.  Look for those substances and put the product back as many of these preservatives found in pet food have been declared unsafe for human consumption.

Also because so many people are interested in going “green” and natural pet supply stores and even grocery stores are picking up on it. There are now animal foods, dog collars, organic pet bedding, and flea treatments available that are all natural, some in the grocery stores and more at pet stores. You can find treats as well that are all natural.  For years there have been natural cat litters available, though most have to be purchased in pet supply stores.

You should consider the items, toxins and chemicals you have in and around your home if you have a pet. Chemicals that you use for cleaning can be harmful and deadly to your animals. Chemicals you use outside for you pool and lawn can also be harmful to them. They are a lot closer to the ground then we are and their exposure is greater. Using natural and green cleaners would be better for the whole family, especially our furry family members.

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