Homeschool Field Trips

Field Trips for Homeschoolers

Field trips are great way for homeschooling families to add some excitement and some real life learning experiences to the day. It can get tedious to stay at home most of the day and work out of textbooks and workbooks. Even computer work and games can become monotonous. Fieldtrips provide an opportunity to get out of the house, get some fresh air, learn some new things, and interact with new people. Here are some ideas for fieldtrips that are educational and fun!

Panda Teeth
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Zoos, Wildlife Preserves, and State Parks – Most cities and towns have zoos and wildlife preserves and many people live within driving distance of a great State Park. All of these venues give children the opportunity to actually experience natural science first hand. They interact with animals and learn about the ones that live in their area of the world…what they eat, when they sleep, their social habits, and more.

These places are also wonderful for learning about different plant species that our local animal life depend on for survival and how human actions may be impacting them. It might be helpful to look online to see what these places offer and then write up a list of questions your kids have. Help them find the answers while they visit.

Checking out the art

Art Galleries – Even if your kids aren’t particularly interested in art, most find galleries to be fun and interesting. Many even have exhibits that feature the work of child artists. Take a look around and have your children write down the names of their favorite artists. Afterwards you can research each artist and learn more about their life and their work.
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History and Science Museums – Children of all ages usually love history and science museums. History museums give them a look into mysterious times long ago. What child can resist a dinosaur, caveman, or ancient Egyptian exhibit? Not only can they see how people lived in times past they can see first hand what prehistoric creatures like the Wooly Mammoth or the Saber Tooth Tiger looked like.

Science museums usually give children an opportunity to learn about science by seeing different scientific principles in practice. They may be able to about pressure and the effects of gas by launching a bottle rocket or learn about lasers by using mirrors on a grid. These museums also have seasonal exhibits that are sure to delight children of all ages so check with yours often to see what they offer.

Let Me Out
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Farms – Homeschoolers can learn about farming and agriculture first hand by visiting local farms. Many even provide an opportunity for tours or for you to pick your own produce. This allows them to connect with their own food chain and perhaps trace their food from farm to plate. The economics of food distribution is another area they can learn about that is practical and valuable to know. Some farms have special days were younger children can get involved in farm chores as well.

Local Businesses- Would your local bakery allow your child a peek into their ovens? The Fire Department may allow you to tour their facilities if you call ahead. What about your bank or lawyer’s office? These can be important learning opportunities for your kids.

Local field trip spots are not hard to find and your children will greatly appreciate the change of pace.