Pros and Cons of Home Schooling

Over the past twenty years or so, parents have really begun exploring the option of teaching their children at home. There are a number of reasons cited for doing so, but home schooling probably isn’t best for all families or all children. Here are a few of the pros and cons to the decision to home school.


1.       Home schooled children score higher on standardized tests than public school children. These facts amaze people, but think about it for a moment. One of the problems in public schools is that teachers spend so much time organizing and disciplining a large group of kids, all of whom are the same age. At home, the classroom is made up of the parent and the child(ren). Individualized attention translates into a better understanding of subject material in far less time.

2.       Home schooled children have their academic and social needs met adequately. In a classroom setting, the teacher has fifty minutes to teach the lesson for that day. He or she doesn’t have time to address different learning styles. At home, the parent can tailor the curriculum to meet each child’s individual needs so they learn better.

3.       Less worry about the child’s safety. The social dynamics of a school are unpredictable. We’ve all heard about bullies, shootings, and other incidents on school campuses. Protect your child and help them concentrate on a love of learning at home where the social pressures that plague public schools are less relevant.


1.       Parents struggle with teaching subjects that they are not good at. Every parent is not meant to home school their children. If a parent doesn’t understand the material it will be hard to teach that information to the child. A parent must be willing to get their child the help they need, whether it be from tutors, local colleges or other resources.

2.       Home schooling can cost more. When just starting out, most parents use an established curriculum to give them guidance. Depending on the grade level of the child, these curricula can cost from $500 to $2,000. It is possible to homeschool cheaply, with a little imagination and creativity, however.

3.       Time management can be a problem for busy parents who decide to home school. Kids need quality time spent on school subjects, not just busy work. Coordinating the proper amount of time along with getting housework and job commitments tended to is a challenging task.

Home schooling is not for everyone. A thorough researching of the subject will let parents know if it is a feasible option for their family.

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