Qualifications Needed to Home School

The choice to teach a child at home away from the public school life is a major undertaking. If the child ever attended public school the transition may be jarring. Parents used to be in charge of their children’s education, but have long ago put that responsibility in the hands of others. To take charge again, what are the qualifications needed to home school a child?

Home schooling doesn’t require an advanced degree or that you write a dissertation. What it does require is a love of your child and a love of learning. Because a parent understands their child and their quirks, creating a curriculum to fit their unique needs is a bit easier than a cookie cutter program created to fit everyone.

As a part of the research into home schooling, check with the state to find out what specific qualifications are needed to pursue the title of home school teacher. States may require that a parent be observed by a licensed teacher for a school year to evaluate technique and the thoroughness of the program. Along this same line, the state can require that the schooling consist of the same amount of instructional days as public school.

Most states don’t have requirements for qualifications such as a teaching certificate or a bachelor’s degree. Parents who are not familiar or strong in a subject can hire a tutor to aid in teaching the subject matter. Any state testing can be administered by a licensed teacher if it is mandated by the state.

All of these legal and state educational requirements can be found online at http://www.hslda.org/laws/default.asp. Begin 100_4456in advance preparing the paperwork that has to be filed and letters of intent to home school your children. The state probably wants to see that a curriculum is in place already before they allow a child to participate in alternative education, especially if a child is removed in the middle of the school year.

One bonus to purchasing established curriculum packages is that they already comply with the state requirements for home schooling. Part of the package includes grading services, administrative needs pertaining to recordkeeping, report cards, and other services. A parent can speak to customer service personnel for support, information, and help with any additional paperwork.

Persistent parents who care for their children are not daunted by rules and regulations. The education and safety of their children far exceeds any frustration they may encounter. In the long run, no one is better qualified to teach our children than the parents who have their best interests at heart.

Creative Commons License photo credit: vanRijn