The Christian Home Schooler

There are a variety of home schooling programs available for use. These programs have materials they send to you and online resources. Christian home schoolers value their spiritual lives as a major component in the education of a child.

There are many reasons why parents choose to home school. One reason is religious freedom. We aren’t talking about religious persecution, but the right to integrate church and state. For these parents, the basis of their life is the spiritual. Without it, education will not be complete.

A Christian curriculum adds classes that deal with the Bible and study of it. Direction in curricula and the continuing decision to home school are made with forethought and prayer. Each day of school may begin with prayer. This is nothing new for homes with a strong religious base, but it becomes a part of the school day to show children that God wants to be a part of their education.

Parents make the decision to home school together. Everything from who will teach what subject to how to improve the academic performances of the children is discussed as a family unit. One parent is not left to conduct the entire affair while the other remains detached.

All home schooling classes still comply with the state and federal guidelines. Complete Christian home school programs have taken the guesswork about that out of the equation and left you with required courses of study plus biblical education classes for a well rounded student. Children are taught responsibility, love for life, respect for others, and social and community issues from a Biblical perspective.

Christian home schoolers have their own network of resources. You can reach other Christian parents and discuss the mutual challenges faced through home schooling. One thing that lessens the load is the fact that they control the influences of other religious on their children.

In public schools, there is no right or wrong religion, but all are explored. Many Christian parents are not comfortable with their children exploring other religions. In a home school environment, the kids get to delve into an in-depth study of their own religion. This is not to bash other religions, but to emphasize the importance of their personal beliefs to their children.

A Christian child is not drilled on the Bible all day in a Christian home school curriculum. Instead, their religious beliefs are given a place of importance that can’t be attained in public school. Parents are more comfortable with the teaching because their children are exposed to the spiritual side of life as a part of the educational process.

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