What About Homeschooled Kids and College?

GSNCan Home Schooled Kids Get Into College?

Home schooling has become mainstreamed these days. It is no longer a hush-hush word. Awareness of what it’s all about has given home schooling a new respect. Now, the new concern is not whether it is a viable way to educate, but will colleges admit home schooled students?

It has been stated that home schooled children score higher on standardized tests like the SAT and the ACT than students in the traditional school setting. Why? Speculation is that the environment is more relaxed than in a regular school.

The one on one treatment that students get in the home school environment leads to a better understanding of school subjects. The deciding factor is time. In a structured setting each class is in a block of fifty minutes. At home, you may spend two hours on one subject that is particularly difficult and thirty minutes the next. The flexibility allows for a child to learn at their own rate until they know the information like the back of their hand.

The truth of the matter is, as long as a home schooled student can meet the requirements for college admission, they will be admitted to school. The point of complying with state requirements for home schooling sets a student up for success after high school. It is advised that parents start well in advance of the college years preparing for college paperwork.

If your child has an idea what colleges they would like to apply to, begin a relationship with them. Find out what types of things they look for in their potential students. Add a class to the curriculum that deals with college preparation. Give your kids an idea of what they have to look forward to and how well they must perform to get admitted.

Several colleges admit home schooled students. From their performance on standardized tests, advanced placement classes, and other academic criteria home schooled students have as much chance as any other student. This is the same with regular schools. Just because you get a traditional education doesn’t mean that a college will admit you.

Getting into college is a matter of strategy and careful planning. A smart person, who doesn’t take the time to write a good essay or study for the SAT, won’t impress a college committee. A confident student who knows their subjects, whether home schooled or public school taught, will make it into the college of their choice. Parents don’t worry. Home schooling is not a hindrance but a plus.

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