Free Printable Chore Charts

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Let’s face it. It’s always been someone else’s turn to do the dishes and fold the washing, vacuum the lounge, and feed the family pet.

There are a myriad of excuses that come to mind, including “I did it last week”, or “I’m feeling a bit tired from work honey, I’ll do it tomorrow”.

Of course the chore never gets done and while many of us would like think that everyone in the house contributed their fair share to chores, it’s often mom or someone acting under the pseudonym of ‘mom’ who ends up doing 80%-90% of the work. Is this really sharing the load in our modern equalist society, or contributing to a positive household or family environment where people do their fair share to chip in?

I recently had the opportunity to meet Rimu Atkinson, founder of, an ingenious free website, dedicated to helping people manage their chores. While Rimu is an avid and busy web designer and entrepreneur, he is not a chore loving guy. He found it frustrating and tiresome to figure out what actually needed doing around the house, but felt that there must be a way he could use his web skills to help both his situation and others so that they could continue to be busy but keep on top of the household day to day chores. Rimu’s answer to this problem is is a relatively new site, founded in 2004 and took several years in the making. is a very comprehensive site that allows users to automatically generate daily, weekly, or even monthly chore charts for every member of the household with regards to how much they themselves are already doing, how busy they are, and the difficulty of the chores they are going to do. Once created, the chore charts can be printed out to stick on the fridge.

There are some key functions that Rimu has created to help make chore selecting and allocation a lot easier. One member agreed that having a function to exclude her four year old son from sharpening the kitchen knives, or doing the ironing was very useful. There is even a function for when you go on holiday so that you can simply put on hold and it will tell you what needs to be done when you get back.

The reality is that it’s often only two or three daily chores which seem very manageable rather than waiting till the chores REALLY need doing and there is a mountain of them to do. can also e-mail you with your daily tasks for the day, or more intuitively, you can use the latest yahoo gadgets to post a widget on you desktop that automatically updates your daily chores to be completed.

Mom will never be the baddie again!

There is of course a slight down side that it takes a while to enter in all your chore details and figure out whose going to do what, but at the end of the day an hour and a half is better spent on rather than debating whose turn it is to clean the toilet, or fridge.

After spending a while browsing over the entire site there are an amazing array of support features that provides such as a discussion forum for all members to participate in if the wish, and helpful tips for how to get the most out of also offers a direct contact e-mail address for any inquires and is always looking for suggestions on how the site could be improved. even has a small demo which is worth a look if you’re interested or perhaps a bit confused as to how the whole system works.

For now, I’m off to enjoy the sun over here in New Zealand. I’ve done all my chores for today and it’s only 10.30am. I forgot to add; by far the best and most important feature of though is that it’s FREE! There’s no shoddy deals attached, it’s simply a good idea from a guy who wanted to make life just that little bit easier.

I hope some of you reading this will check this site out. It’s definitely worth a look!”