Aura Cacia Baby Pure Aromatherapy: Organic Calming Nursery Blend

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Description of Product: I don’t know if this helps baby calm down, but it sure calms me down. And that of course is a good thing that may help the baby calm down!  This blend of organic essential oils is to be used in a diffuser in baby’s room.  (It is also available in a gift pack with a diffuser.)  Lavender and chamomile are the two scents that stand out to me.  I enjoy refreshing the diffuser at bedtime and smelling the room fill up with this sweet scent.  If you are used to chemical “plug ins” this method is slightly different.  The oil blend has to be applied to the cotton pad and placed in the diffuser.  The strength of the scent is dependent on how much oil you apply.  The scent fades out as the oil evaporates and needs to be reapplied when you want a noticeable scent again.

I am adding this one to my list of favorite new baby gifts.

What do you like about the product?: I like how cute and gift-able the packaging is, it’s cute for a baby shower gift and it has such a relaxing scent. I dislike the fact that it’s a little expensive because it is certified organic.

Can product be purchased online? Where?: has the Aura Cacia Nursery Diffuser