Baby Wearing Expert – Interview with Rebecca Wolf

Carrie:  You are back with Carrie at Natural Moms Talk Radio and I have with me this week, Rebecca Wolf.  Hi Rebecca!

Rebecca Wolf:  Hi Carrie.  How are you?

Carrie:  I am great.  I just love your book.  I am so impressed with all of the information you have here.

Rebecca Wolf:  Well thank you, Carrie.  I have to say, it truly was a labor of love, one of my labors of love.  The first one was my daughter, of course, who is now three, and sometimes still is a labor of love, but yeah, the book was really something in my heart that I just wanted to share with other new moms.

Because of the experiences that I had as a new mom and just really struggling with how to get in tune with my baby, I have to say that baby carriers really help me to achieve that in a way that I never dreamed possible.  I mean that was really God sent.

Carrie:  Well, that was funny because I think I have used that same word before, God sent, when describing my journey into baby wearing.  It happened quite accidentally but there is always a great story with babywearing.  So, tell us about your story.  How did you discover using baby slings?

Rebecca Wolf:  Well, I have to say that I was a reluctant baby wearer, as reluctant as you could get.  When I was first pregnant, my husband, he is a nurse so he is a very caring, nurturing person and he is also very research-oriented.  So, he spent a lot of time online researching how different parenting philosophies and wanting to be the best dad possible.  He ended up going to eBay and he ordered a Baby B’jorn that was used from eBay and I remembered it coming in the mail and he was so excited about it.  He tried it on and I think he stuffed one of our cats into and he was trying it all out and I remember just looking at it thinking, “Oh my goodness, I am not going to wear a contraption like that.”  I just — in my head I was thinking, “That is not for me.”

So, he thought that it was wonderful and for the first three weeks after we had our baby home with us, she — it was difficult.  We were first time parents and she had day and night confusion and I was having some breastfeeding problems.  It was difficult, but when Andrew was there with me, it was very easy because he will just put Ariana into the Baby B’jorn and he would do the dishes, he would take out the trash, do the laundry.  He totally took care of both of us and life was really good for the first three weeks when Andrew was home with us, but then he had to go back to work.

Carrie:  Oh my goodness, that is awesome, that he was so helpful.

Rebecca Wolf:  Oh yeah.

Carrie:  Do you rent him out to other postpartum moms?

Rebecca Wolf:  No, no.  I need him for our next one coming in May.  So, he was definitely the one who instigated and the babywearing and did the lot of research behind it and the Baby B’jorn worked really well for him but I refused to touch the thing in the first three weeks.  It is just very strange-contraption-looking thing to me.  So, I remember when he left and had to go back to work, I was there with the baby in one arm and waving goodbye to him thinking, “How am I going to do this all by myself?”  We kind of had a routine established for the first three weeks so things were going pretty well but it was difficult for me to take care of myself and her.  I remember, I could make a bowl of cereal with one hand, so breakfast was okay, but then lunch rolled around and there was no way that I can put the sandwich together and hold on to my daughter so I think I just had more cereal and then for dinner that night, I could not even think about dinner, so I just made some microwave popcorn.

Carrie:  Oh my goodness.

Rebecca Wolf:  So, when my husband came home that night, he was greeted by a frazzled wife and a cranky baby in a messy kitchen and he did not even bother to ask me how my day was.  He just got out of B’jorn and he sent me to bed and he cleaned up the mess.  This went on for a couple of days and then he finally made the suggestion as well, “Maybe you would like to use the Baby B’jorn too, Rebecca?”  I was still very stubborn and very slow.  It still did not occur to me that this was the reason why parenting was so easy for him, was that he was using this baby carrier.

So fortunately, we went to visit one of my friends and a friend of hers was there and she had just had a child a couple of weeks before we did and she had a baby sling.  I thought that it looked kind of cool.  Andrew thought that it was awesome so he immediately went up to her and started asking her all these questions about it and we had not even heard of Dr. Sears or attachment parenting at the time, so she recommended that we start reading some of the Dr. Sears’ books and she lived kind of faraway and we will not be able to talk much with her.  So my husband went online again to eBay and he ordered one of the slings that Dr. Sears recommended.  I believe it was a Nojo and it did not fit him very well at all because he is 6 feet tall, bigger guy, but he thought that it would fit me and it might be something that I would be interested in so I tried that and I loved it.  It was not the — the sling that I ended up using, the most over time but it was the first carrier that I was able to use that felt comfortable to me and it did not look too intimidating and that was my introduction to the baby carriers.  It worked for me …

Carrie:  It does not surprise me to hear that your husband really likes the baby carrier.  My husband has always in length to wear a sling and I think that men like baby carriers because unlike us, they do not have hips so it wears them out to hold the baby the way that we do.  My husband is like, “How do you do this all day?”  He will hold her for 10 minutes and, “It is like my biceps are already hurting,” but the Nojo that is so interesting that you like the Nojo because that was also my first sling and I could not get it to work for me.

Rebecca Wolf:  I hear that a lot and I think of the unpadded ring slings are much more flexible but my husband can use an unpadded ring sling.  He could not get the Nojo with all the paddings to fit him properly but you will love …

Continued: Part Two of this interview