Book Review: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children’s Vaccinations

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by Stephanie Cave, M.D., F.A.A.F.P.

Any parent who wants to know more about vaccines should make this one of their must read books. Unlike many books on the topic of childhood vaccinations, this book is written by someone who advocates their use in principle. Dr. Cave believes that vaccines are a good idea, but is very concerned about the current state of affairs in the vaccine industry. Reading a book that is essentially pro vaccine in general yet gives you so much information about the risks and dirty history behind the modern vaccine business machine is certainly eye opening.

Dr. Cave dedicates the first 5 chapters of the book to the development of the modern vaccine industry. Not surprisingly, she uncovers several obvious conflicts of interest. Are those responsible for checking vaccine safety and those who have an interest in making money on the vaccines one and the same? In some cases, yes. That alone is disturbing to a parent.

What’s more, she points to what has been little more than an experiment on our children by exposing some of the failed vaccines and vaccine lots that have caused illness and death in kids. She also reminds parents of the fact that vaccine reactions are under-reported by Doctors by far, and that
vaccine makers are absolved from responsibility in the justice system because they are protected by government and cannot be sued. In a capitalistic society that is supposedly run by rule of law, that should be a clue that something is amiss.

Part 2 of the book is devoted to the individual vaccines themselves. What’s in them? What are the dangers and possible side effects of each that parents are often not informed of or even patently lied to about? Are all of the vaccines in the current schedule even necessary? For example, why are we inoculating newborn infants with a vaccine designed to protect homosexual men who engage in high risk sexual activity?

Another important discussion that the author engages in is current controversy over mercury in vaccines and a possible autism link. While the powers that be continue to deny a link, parents and even some health officials are not convinced that multiple doses of mercury injected into the most vulnerable of our population is simply innocuous.

Whether you decide to vaccinate your child or not, educating yourself on vaccines and the childhood illnesses they claim to protect against is homework you owe it to yourself and your child to do.

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