Cloth Diapers and Potty Training

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Do Cloth Diapers Make Potty Training Easier? – Parents of today’s toddlers can choose from numerous products designed to help with potty training.  There are potty chairs, potty seats, potty books, and potty dolls.  There are sticker charts, flushable wipes, and even alarm watches that remind your child that it’s time to go to the potty.

One of the most frequently used potty training aids is the pull-up.  It’s a thin disposable diaper that is made like underwear so that the child can pull it off and on when it’s time to use the potty.  Some have symbols on them that fade when wet, and some are made with tear-away sides in case of accidents.  But there is some debate as to their effectiveness.

The problem with pull-ups and diapers is that they absorb too well.  They pull moisture away from the child’s skin, and that is a good thing for babies.  But toddlers who are potty training can benefit from the motivation that a wet diaper provides.

Potty Training Advantages of Cloth Diapers

Moms who use cloth diapers have a bit of an advantage when it comes to potty training.  Cloth diapers allow the child to feel the wetness and discomfort caused by urination and bowel movements.  Most children find this quite unpleasant, and it provides a unique incentive to start using the potty.

Another good thing about cloth diapers when it comes to potty training is that they’re so much cheaper than disposable pull-ups.  So if your toddler has a lot of accidents you will have to wash diapers more often, but that is far more economical than buying more pull-ups.

Disadvantages of Cloth Diapers

One problem with cloth diapers as opposed to pull-ups is that they are usually harder for the child to pull down on his own.  So during the learning stages, he may need more help than he would otherwise when going to the potty. Some moms use two cloth training pants instead of a traditional cloth diaper so that the toddler can pull them down more easily, or they just use cloth diapers for night time and traveling, and let their potty training tot go diaperless at home for ease.

Another disadvantage of cloth diapers is evidenced when traveling.  If the child uses the diaper, you will have to find somewhere to store it until you get back home.  If you’re not prepared, you could be in for a smelly car ride, especially if you’re on a long trip. Waterproof cloth diaper storage bags help contain the mess.

Cloth Diapers May Make Potty Training Quicker

Although they can be less convenient than disposables, many moms are choosing to use cloth diapers.  Those who are attempting to potty train often find that their children learn quickly.  In fact, statistics show that toddlers who wear cloth diapers are fully trained six months before those who wear disposable diapers or pull-ups.

Cloth diapers are inexpensive and better for the environment than disposable diapers.  They also provide an advantage to moms who are attempting to potty train.  So even though cloth diapers are less convenient than disposables in some ways, using them may result in less time in diapers for your child.