Earth Mama Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash

It is so surprising that babies get dirty so easily and fast too! Babies who are crawling get into everything, and while breastfeeding or eating they make a mess. We want something safe and nontoxic and extremely gentle on their body and skin.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash is gentle – made with real, pure castile soap and above all the ingredients used in the making of it are absolutely organic. The product is packed in a self-foaming bottle because there is no foaming agents (such as SLS/sodium laurel sulfate) added to it. Since there are no anesthetizing agents added it should not be mistaken as a ‘no tear’ shampoo and hence you need to be little careful around baby’s eyes. Moreover it is completely cruelty-free, toxin-free, no artificial dyes or preservatives and is certified Vegan.

There is one more thing that you will need to take care of and that is when there is a fall in temperature, the product gets a little bit solidified. You just have to pop your Angel Baby Shampoo And Body Wash in a glass of warm water and it will come back to its original form immediately. The cleaning part is unquestionable and you will find that your angel is clean and tidy after her bath everyday and above all you are assured that you have given her a pure and organic bath.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Angel Baby Shampoo And Body Wash