Homeopathic Vaccines

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Are There Really Homeopathic Vaccines & Do They Work?

While there are homeopathic remedies used to treat certain diseases, there are also remedies that claim to have the effective of preventing diseases. Parents concerned about the potential dangers of conventional infant vaccines and who are looking for alternatives may ask: Do they work?

Homeopathic medicine is based on a fundamental tenet that “like cures like”.  In other words, homeopathic doctors treat a certain disease with remedies which correspond to that particular disease’s symptoms.  Admittedly, there has not been enough clinical data (meaning double blind studies) to conclude whether homeopathic vaccinations (or for that matter, homeopathic remedies in general) work.

The use of homeopathics are safe because the dosages are so diluted.  But safe doesn’t always mean effective. Ultimately, it is up to parents to decide whether or not they want to try vaccinations offered by homeopathic doctors for their children.  The danger lies in doing nothing.  The onus is on the parent to make a well informed decision. First they must research conventional vaccines and decide whether to administer them or not. The decision doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Some parents choose merely to delay vaccines until the child is over 2 years of age. Other parents selectively vaccinate. Others reject all vaccines.

It is also the responsibility of the homeopathic doctor to give the parents of a sick child all of the facts associated with a specific vaccination, so that they can make a judgment as to whether or not to choose the conventional or the homeopathic vaccines.

So to answer the original question: Are there really homeopathic vaccines and do they work?  The answer is that the jury is still out.  In the meantime, all parents would do well to do all they can to boost their child’s immunity through good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few recommended resources to that end:

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