Maya Wrap Review

The Maya Wrap is a Guatemalan cotton unpadded “ring” baby sling. It makes babywearing very simple and easy to do. If you want a perfect all around baby sling, try the Maya Wrap. I’ve worn two threadbare so far! I’ve tried the padded sling styles (NoJo, Over the Shoulder Baby Holder) for awhile but found them too bulky, like wearing a pillow around my torso.

Comes in a variety of colors and especially beautiful fabrics and has a very soft feel after a few washings. Plus these slings make it too hard to get maya wrap baby slingbaby really close to you because you can’t pull the tail far enough through the rings to get a hands free breastfeeding hold or a snug hold with a newborn if you’re petite. Plus it’s hot!

The Maya Wrap is in my opinion the best all around baby sling. It’s super easy and fast to just slip on. It’s cool and breathable. It’s almost infinitely adjustable. You can adjust the top and bottom “rails” of the sling independently which is great when your child falls asleep and you need to pull their head in close to your body so it doesn’t flop around (impossible to do with the padded styles). You can buy the Maya Wrap on or here and when you buy one new, it comes with an instructional DVD which is very helpful.

Another Mom said about the Maya:

The Maya Wrap A fabric baby carrier made with native Guatemalan patterns, the Maya Wrap sling is perfect for getting out with your baby or for getting some things done around the house while your baby is snuggled close to your heart. The sling is held together and adjusted with two nautical strength rings which rest just below the shoulder. The sling has a pocket that allows you to carry a diaper or pacifier (but I wouldn’t advise using the pocket for any hard objects). The Maya Wrap can hold one or two babies in a wide variety of ways.

Each Maya Wrap comes with a free instructional video or DVD. Likes: The most noticeable feature of the Maya Wraps are their vivid beauty. It’s great for people who love to wear bright colors anyway, but there are also more subdued patterns and even solid colors. The sling has enough fabric to completely enclose a newborn to six-month-old baby for easy sleeping on the go. While it takes a little practice to get it right, baby can also nurse on the go in the sling (using the tail for privacy)–this gets easier once baby has gotten some head control. Once baby is old enough to hold up her head, you can straddle her on your hips so she can see what you’re seeing and truly be a part of your world. If you need to shield baby (for example, from a hot pan), it’s easy to simply put your arm in front of baby. Maya Wraps are a great choice for a first sling, as they are so beautiful, sturdy and versatile. All the baby slings I use are Maya Wraps.

Maya Wraps aren’t as easy to adjust as the instructional materials would have you believe. It seems that each time I wear my baby in a sling, it feels slightly different. However, adjusting the sling does get easier with practice. Although you can safely wear a baby in the sling up to 35 pounds, it gets very hard on your neck and shoulders to do so, as the sling hangs from a single point on one shoulder. There is a way to spread out the fabric to distribute the weight, but there comes a point when baby is simply too heavy.

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