Moby Wrap

There are dozens of different baby sling and carrier designs. One of my favorites is the Moby Wrap. It’s a soft stretchy cloth knit baby carrier, consisting of a long length of cloth that is tied around your body, securing baby close.

If you love using a sling you might want to try the Moby also. I like the Moby Wrap for longer wearing… like if I’m taking the kids to a museum or going out walking. It’s more comfortable for long term wearing than a sling since the fabric goes onto both shoulders and so baby’s weight is distributed evenly. The stretchy fabric feels great. It’s snug but not tight and gives a little for comfort.

Since the Moby it can’t be adjusted as easily, I use it around the house (when I can lay baby down on the bed while I tie the sling on) or for longer periods out of the house.

The Moby can be used for a child up to 35 pounds, and your baby can be held to your chest facing in or out, a “cradle” or nursing position, hip carry or even on your back. It comes in a variety of colors.

There is a tiny bit of a learning curve with this style carrier, but I found that I had it down by the 4th time by following the instructions, and could soon put the Moby on in seconds, even when I was out and about.

You can purchase the Moby Wrap online. Or read more reviews here: Moby Wrap Baby Carrier

==> Still not sure what kind of sling to get for your baby? Try the baby sling book for suggestions!

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