Natural Baby Clothes

Pound for pound, cotton is treated with more pesticide than any other product we use. And residues from pesticides can remain on fibers after manufacture. Natural baby clothes are made with organic or unbleached untreated cottons and other fabrics. They are ideal for babies’ sensitive, delicate skin. You can search out sources of untreated cottons at larger health food stores like Whole Foods, and you can also obtain them on the Internet at places like Natural Baby Clothes.

Why be concerned about what baby’s clothing is made from? First, as mentioned above, cotton is sprayed heavily with pesticides both during the time it grows and when it is about to be harvested. These chemicals can cause skin irritations at the very least, and may possibly be responsible for
some of the health issues Americans now face.

Synthetic fabrics are made from petroleum products, which are just as bad if not worse than the pesticides. Yes, it’s true that synthetic fabrics are cheaper to manufacture than are natural fibers for clothing, but why take a chance with baby’s health? If the pesticides weren’t bad enough, cotton goes through a bleaching process prior to being dyed and manufactured.

In addition to organic cotton, you can also find baby clothes made from hemp. The prices are also dropping as more parents buy them. You may have a little bit of trouble finding organic cotton and hemp clothing locally. Your best bet might be to look online for baby clothes made from natural fabrics.
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