Natural Baby Powder

Who doesn’t love to sprinkle baby powder on their baby after a nice bath or diaper change? Could it be that that innocent looking white powder is actually harmful?

Talc, a common ingredient in baby powder, has been linked to ovarian cancer and pneumonia as well as other illnesses. The particles are so fine that they become airborne and baby breathes them in. In the case of girls, the particles travel inside the reproductive organs. One study showed that the talcum powder that a mother uses on her daughter could even end up in her ovaries.

Sounds scary enough, but thankfully there are all natural, talc free baby powders you can use to help keep your little one’s diaper area dry and sweet smelling. Some of these rely on cornstarch for their drying properties, others use crushed and powdered herbs which have the additional benefit of helping to heal diaper rash.

Natural and Organic Baby Powder:

California Baby Calming Non-Talc Powder- soothes with cornstarch, bentonite and kaolin – contains no talc

A Very Special Baby Powder, All Natural Organic

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Dusting Powder

How to Make Baby Powder

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