Natural Teething Remedy For Baby

Teething can be such an uncomfortable time for baby.  Not only does a new tooth cause pain and discomfort for your little one, it also can be scary to have something new growing inside their mouth.  While there are lots of teething remedy products on the market such as baby Tylenol and teething gels, these can be dangerous.  Before you go shopping at the pharmacy aisle, try a natural remedy for baby teething pain.

Interestingly, not all babies are in horrible pain while teething, they’re simply uncomfortable and scared.  The option many people skip to cure teething pain is to distract the baby with a toy.  Focusing on the pain can make it worse, so try to give them something else to think about. Taking walks outside is one classic trick.

Another natural remedy for teething pain is giving the baby something to chew on.  Pressure on their gums will not only feel good, it will distract them from the pain and discomfort by giving them something to do.  Here are some ideas for what to give your baby.

* Frozen teething ring.  While the cold helps numb baby’s sore gums, freezing normal rings can make them hard and uncomfortable.  There are softer teething rings that stay soft when you freeze them.  Just be careful; soft rings can break open if chewed to hard.  Make sure the ingredients inside won’t harm your baby.

* Frozen washcloth.  Just wet it down and pop it in the freezer.  It has all the benefits of the teething ring, but it’s softer for more sensitive babies.
* Food.  Frozen bananas or bagels can be something new and different for a baby that doesn’t want their teething ring.  Plus they taste good too.  Watch baby carefully, as a baby with teech can break off pieces.  A product like the Baby Safe Feeder is a great safeguard.

* Teething Biscuits.  There are now a variety of whole grain, organic biscuitsyou can give.  Just be sure to check that they’ll dissolve in your mouth before giving them to your child so there’s no risk of choking.

If you’ve tried all these options and nothing’s working, don’t worry just yet.  There are natural remedies you can give your baby before turning to medicines.  Here are just a few that others have found helpful.  Check with a doctor before giving anything to your child.

* Natural teething tablets. The best ones to use contain homeopathic Chamomilla for irritability and Belladonna for inflammation.  They come in a form that dissolves in your child’s mouth so there’s no risk of choking. Hyland’s Teething Tablets are an excellent brand.

* Clove oil. This is pretty potent stuff; so you want to dilute it.  Just mix a few drops with 2 tablespoons of safe, edible oil and rub into baby’s gums.  The rubbing action will also soothe them as well.

* Vanilla extract. Rubbing a little bit on baby’s gums not only feels warm and soothing; the vanilla also has a calming effect.

* Lavender. A kit like calm angel baby kit may work wonders for helping soothe a teething baby.

If you’ve tried all these remedies and nothing has worked, take your child to their pediatrician.  A common problem is that parents may miss signs of an illness because they think the crying and fussiness is caused by teething.  The most important thing to remember with a teething baby is patience.  When you get upset and frustrated, you child gets upset and frustrated too.