Organic Baby Blanket

Instead of using conventionally grown cotton baby blankets and bedding, why not consider organic? Your baby is only a baby for a very short time. Conventional cotton baby blankets may contain toxic polyester materials and dyes. They may also be treated with flame retardants. Before becoming bedding or clothing, cotton may be coated with several pounds of pesticides. Then they are bathed in petroleum products, heavy metals and even formaldehyde before hitting the store shelves!

Stay away from these by using only organic cotton for your baby’s bed.

organic baby blanketThis SwaddleDesigns Organic Ultimate Baby Blanket is certified organic cotton and grown on Texas family farms from natural untreated GMO (not genetically modified) free seeds. The flannel is even processed and preshrunk in Earth using Earth friendly processes.

You can find a large variety of organic cotton baby blankets and bedding at Gaiam.

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