Organic Baby Food

Organic baby food does not contain pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones or antibiotics. Organic food is also not grown from genetically modified seeds or irradiated. These are important issues because we are what we eat. Animals who are fed antibiotics routinely have excessive levels of these medications in their meat and milk, and the problem with this is fairly obvious.

Why is organic food important, especially for baby?

Conventional farming practices call for poor treatment of animals, who are raised in confinement on a very unnatural diet that is not healthy for them. In addition, conventionally grown product is sprayed with pesticides, some of which remain on the finished product. If you wouldn’t spray your home with pesticide because you don’t want your sensitive baby exposed, you also wouldn’t want to feed your child food that you knew was pesticide laden. While washing properly will remove some of the residues from fruits and vegetables, some are difficult to wash, such as berries. Other foods like grains are impossible to properly wash.

If budget constraints make buying all organic baby food an issue, then focus on the most important items. Meats and dairy products are important to buy organic because their fat content. Pesticides are more concentrated in the fats of animals. Thankfully you can find organic meat, chicken, milk, yogurt and butter in almost all the grocery stores these days as well as online.

Be sure to look for the Certified organic label when you’re shopping to make sure that what you’re purchasing is truly organic.