Organic Baby Items

Many new parents are particular about the newest addition to their families, especially if it is their first child. They can go to the nearest discount store and purchase items, but they may want something more natural for their little one. If that is the case, there are numerous manufacturers that are producing baby and toddler items that meet this desire for things more natural.

Organic Diapers: Everyone knows that one of the major items you will use with a new baby is diapers. You have several options: disposable diapers that cause landfill problems, cloth diapers that you can purchase at a local store or have washed and delivered to your home (diaper services are a dying breed and not available in all areas), or organic cloth diapers.

You can find many manufacturers of organic cotton diapers if you search online. Prices on organic diapers vary greatly, depending upon the design and manufacturer of the diaper, but prices start around $4 per diaper and increase from that point

Organic Baby Wipes:  If you use diapers, you’ll need baby wipes. You can purchase reusable, 100% organic cotton flannelette baby wipes, as well. These actually clean better than the disposables and save money over the long term, especially when used for a second child. Since they’re washed and reused they’re better for the environment. Although, you can also find biodegradable disposable baby wipes.

Teethers and toys: Organic teething toys are nice because you don’t have to worry about what your baby is chewing on. Plastic toys often contain unsafe lead levels, and BPA and phtalates are also a concern.  Green Lion Eco Toys has developed all-natural teethers and toys that do not have the harmful chemicals found in many plastic toys. These toys are perfect for those babies that need to chew but have concerned parents. Made from 100% organic cotton, these teethers and toys are washable and can be easily tied to a car seat or stroller so they won’t be easily lost. Check out the  Waldorf Maple Natural Teething Ring and other organic baby toys.

Baby carriers: Quite often mothers that use organic products also prefer to wear their babies instead of carrying them. Luckily there are many baby carrying products made from organic materials.  You can get organic cotton slings beginning around $60 and up.

Clothing: It is quickly becoming more important for parents preferring natural fabrics to be able to find 100% organic cotton baby clothing. Conducting an online search will provide you with nearly 4 million hits. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in that many options, the item probably hasn’t been made yet.

Baby bedding:  If you’re going to put organic diapers and clothing on your child, of course you’ll want to use organic cotton baby bedding, as well. After all, babies spend a lot of time sleeping. There are numerous manufacturers of 100% organic bedding with everything from sheets to pillows to comforters.  In fact, you can even find a natural crib mattress to give your child a better start.

Organic baby mattresses are becoming popular among parents of newborns who do not practice cosleeping. Not only are they free of toxic chemicals used for pest control as the fibers grow, they are free of the dyes and solutions used in manufacturing. While all-natural crib mattresses aren’t easy to find locally, you can purchase them online and have them shipped to your front door.

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