Organic Cotton Baby Clothing

Becoming environmentally conscious encompasses many aspects of our lives, not the least of which is the health of our littlest ones. We do as much as we can to keep our world safe and ecologically sound, especially for our children.  To this end, it is absolutely wonderful to see such a nice selection of organic cotton baby clothing becoming available these days.

Some ideas to consider when purchasing your newborn’s layette: organic cotton wash mitt, burp pads (or use organic cotton prefold diapers instead) and towels. Of course we can’t leave out the organic cotton diapers. Bedding is also very important since babies spend so much time sleeping. Whether your baby cosleeps with you or is in a crib, organic cotton sheets and blankets (some of these are so soft your older children may sneak off with them!) can be obtained. For baby’s clothing, there are organic layette sets, booties, pants, caps to keep a new baby’s head warm, one-piece snap body suits, kimonos, undershirts for layering, gowns, rompers, and lap tee shirts. organic cotton clothing - baby kimono

Not only are these designs better for baby’s sensitive skin and our planet, they’re quite gorgeous too! In addition to utilizing cotton that is hand-picked and ring spun from organic cotton farms, many companies also insist on low-impact dyes which contain no metals so that your baby’s clothes are free from allergens.

According to statistics from the Organic Trade Association, “more than 14 million pounds of organic cotton has been grown in over 12 countries.  Yet this only represents about 0.03% of cotton worldwide.”  We can vote with our dollars by buying organic cotton clothing for our babies. The OTA had more good news.  “Sales of organic women’s clothing grew by 33.6% during 2003, and diaper sales grew 20.5%.  Men’s clothing grew by 11%, and children’s and teens’ clothing grew 15%.  It is estimated that organic cotton will continue to rise a whopping 15% per year.

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