Review: Huggies Pure & Natural Disposable Diapers

Review:  Huggies Pure & Natural Disposable Diapers

Submitted by:  Esperanza

Huggies recently came out with a new line of disposable diapers called Pure & Natural. It is called this because it uses organic cotton, less ink (for the Winnie the Pooh characters), is hypoallergenic, fragrance free and contains aloe and vitamin E. The liner also includes “renewable materials.” How much organic cotton and renewable materials are used, it doesn’t say. However, I thought that it’s about time these large diaper companies come out with a more organic and natural disposable diaper. I’ve also never understood why diaper companies choose to put fragrance in their diapers. This can be irritating to baby’s skin.

huggies pure and natural diapers

Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers

As natural mothers, if we choose to use disposable diapers, we prefer ones that will do less damage to our earth and that are kinder to our baby’s bottoms.

I’ve always liked the absorbency of Huggies but liked the more natural materials used in Seventh Generation diapers. It was a give and toss between the two and Huggies usually won since their tabs adhered better than Seventh Generation’s.

That’s why when Huggies came out with this new and more natural diaper, I was psyched. What I immediately noticed about these diapers is just how soft they are. Even Seventh Generations diapers (and other Huggies brands) are not this soft. They absorb so well and the tabs stay on nicely. I haven’t had any problems with leaking or even a diaper rash.

Purchasing through Amazon through their Subscribe & Save saved me around $7/case. Unless I find another disposable diaper that absorbs this well and uses natural products, I’ll probably be sticking to this brand from now on. They also carry a line of Pure & Natural wipes that might come in handy in the future.

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