Soft Sole Shoe Baby Shoes – Why?

Many moms and dads are now opting to use soft sole shoes for their baby or young child. What makes soft soles shoes so different than the other shoes you find and what advantages do they have?

As parents we may have been taught that hard sole shoes offer the best support for growing feet but new research shows that this may not actually be true. A child’s foot is soft and pliable and pressure from the wrong shoe may actually impede proper foot development. In fact many pediatricians, including the renowned Dr. Sears, are now recommending that children under two not wear shoes at all. Going barefoot helps their feet to grow naturally and helps them to gain musculature and strength. Soft sole shoes provide an excellent alternative for those times when going barefoot might not be so practical. They still allow for feet to grow and develop with confinement.

Unlike regular children’s shoes with their stiff body and hard soles, soft sole shoes are extremely flexible and as the name suggests, they have soft, pliable soles. This gives children a greater range of movement and comfort. Whereas they might not enjoy the adjustment to the confinement of regular shoes, they are often very comfortable in soft sole shoes with plenty of room to allow their little toes to wiggle and spread.

Soft sole shoes often contain a layer of padding to cushion baby’s first steps and an outer fabric layer of soft and breathable cloth and wool or pliable leather that keeps feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The soles are most commonly made from soft suede and the ankles are usually lightly elasticized. When a child’s foot flexes and moves so does the soft sole shoe. They do not interfere with the foot’s natural range of motion, yet they still provide slip resistant, shock absorbing protection.

In addition to their many benefits, soft sole shoes have gained such mainstream popularity that there are dozens of brands to choose from and many styles to satisfy even the most fashion conscious parent. There are soft sole Mary Janes, moccasins, sandals, and boots. The shoes can be emblazoned with flowers, fruit, animals, and crossbones. For herbivore parents there are even several vegan options. Online patterns and instructions are also widely available for parents that wish to sew their own. There is a soft sole shoe sure to please every style preference and budget.

To re-cap, here are some of the benefits of soft sole shoes:

1. A baby’s feet are better able to develop in soft soles.

2. Wearing soft soles helps toes get a better grip and develops foot strength.

3. Soft soles allow freedom of movement and allow the foot to flex.

4. Soft sole shoes are more breathable and comfortable.

5. Soft soles shoes are the next best option to walking barefoot, as they offer a flexible yet protective shoe for tender feet.

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