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Description: Tushies are an all cotton chemical free disposable diaper. They offer a choice of a more natural chemical free, cotton based disposable diaper alternative for parents who typically use cloth diapers or who are uncomfortable with some aspects of disposable diapers.

Review: I have used Tushies in a pinch when I was traveling and didn’t want to bother with cloth. I found them to be quite absorbent, if baby is changed frequently. They are a bit bulkier than typical disposables, but I didn’t see that as a problem. They’re also a bit pricier. I feel that the benefits are quite worth the extra expense.

Tushies use a natural cotton blend for their absorbency. They are free of perfumes and Polyacrylate Gels (those super absorbent gel “beads” that regular disposable diapers leave behind). You can purchase Tushies online at ShopNatural and NaturalGrocers and at nicer health food stores.