Weleda Calendula Baby Oil Review

Review submitted by: Seema

Weleda Baby Calendula Oil

Most of the moms worry about the massage oil for their babies because the chemicals or the unnatural ingredients most of the time harm baby’s skin. The baby might have rashes or irritation and feel uneasy and restless. But if you choose natural and organic baby massage oil, there is no need to worry about these side effects.

Weleda Calendula Oil is plant based skin oil with sweet almond oil and is excellent for daily massage and moisturizes your baby’s skin thoroughly. The gentle and natural fragrance literally pampers your child’s skin and develops protective warmth around her body and supports the natural function of her skin too.

Baby massage is very important and helps baby develop muscles and bones faster and stronger. It also helps to makes the muscle more active, improves coordination and suppleness thoroughly. Daily massage gives your baby full relaxation which helps her take a good sleep, stimulates blood circulation, makes her heart healthy, improves breathing and activates metabolism. If you massage your baby’s body daily you will find that she is less irritable when awake and will definitely look healthier than ever. Massage is important in the first few months and if it is done two or three times daily up to six months, it is even better.

So, with Weleda Baby Calendula Oil you can completely rely because Weleda uses only those ingredients that are 100% natural and is good for baby’s healthy development. Weleda baby Calendula Oil is comprised of pure and natural oils that are derived from Almond and Sesame, that are sun ripened seeds and fruits, pure oils from Lavender, healing plant extracts of calendula and Chamomile and Ylang-Ylang and rose oil. These oils and natural extracts easily get absorbed to your baby’s skin and gives nourishment and warmth to her body.