Can You Breastfeed When You’re Sick?

Is breastfeeding safe when you or your baby is sick?

can you breastfeed when you're sick
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When an infant is only fed with breastfeed and is completely dependent
on it, it has to be continued in any circumstances. When you are sick
it becomes difficult yet it is important and necessary to feed the
baby. If you are ill with some common illness there is not much to
worry about breastfeeding your baby. It is only if there is some
serious problem, you should consult the doctor and then continue with
his advice. With common illness you can nurse your baby lying on the
bed and it is believed that it is also good for the baby. It boosts up
the immune system of your baby and help her fight with the illness as
breast milk contains antibodies and this protects your baby from that
specific disease.

The situation is different when your baby is sick. However the best
treatment that you can give her is to breastfeed her because it is the
only thing that you can provide her or she will accept willingly. In
fact it is advisable that if your child can carry on with only breast
milk it is good. Breast milk contains antibodies and helps the infant
to fight against common diseases. Another factor is that breast milk
is easily digestible and will create no problem even with the fussiest
digestive system. If your baby is feeling congested, you should keep
her upright while nursing and feeding so that she is comfortable
during the feeding time. If possible feed her in a steamy bathroom so
that it helps clear her nose.

If your child has diarrhea, you should breastfeed her more frequently
so that she is saved from dehydration and this will make the recovery
faster. Always consult the child specialist even if you see slightest
illness symptoms and do not discontinue breastfeeding her in any case
as it is the best remedy for the child. It is only in rare cases,
whether you or your child has some illness, that the doctor advices to
stop breastfeeding the baby. Otherwise all the old concepts are being
denied by the modern medical science theories and the child is offered
breast feed as soon as possible after the birth also. Breastfeed
should be discontinued only when the infant refuses to take it and in
this case contact the doctor immediately.

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