Home Remedies for Kid’s Ear Infections

Home Remedies for Kid’s Ear Infections

Ear infections are quite common among children.  While some parents are fortunate enough to never see their children get one, most kids will have one at some point.  And some children seem to get them every way they turn.

Ear infections often follow colds or sinus infections, and they can be quite painful.  They often keep children, and consequently their parents, up at night.  But there are some home remedies that can provide relief, and sometimes even eradicate the infection.  Here are some things to try:

* Heat can quickly help alleviate the pain of an ear infection.  Use a heating pad on a low setting, or put some rice in a sock and microwave it until warm.  Many parents swear by moist heat, so you might want to try warming a wet washcloth in the microwave.  It is important, however, to make sure no water enters the ear.

* Garlic is a popular and effective weapon in the fight against infections of any kind.  To use it for an ear infection, heat garlic cloves in olive oil and put a few drops in the affected ear.

* Lobelia extract is another herbal remedy that can ease the pain of ear infections.  You can find it at most health food stores.  Just place a few drops in the ear every few hours.

* Colloidal silver is often used for ear and sinus infections.  You can use it as an ear wash or administer it orally.

* Place a few drops of breast milk in the ear every few hours.  It doesn’t have to be your own – borrowing some from a friend works just as well.  Some parents say this method cleared up their children’s ear infections in less than 48 hours.

* Use probiotics.  These “good” bacteria can sometimes fight off the bad bacteria that cause an ear infection without any other treatment.  Probiotics are also helpful in the prevention of ear infections when administered regularly. Probiotics are available in capsules or chewables for younger kids, or you can give your kids yogurt or kefir with live cultures.

* Interestingly, many parents have noted that when their family made the switch to raw milk, the children’s ear infections cleared up.

* Homeopathics are excellent for most any childhood illness. Pick up a basic kid’s homeopathic kit for starters. The remedy you choose will depend on the child’s physical and even emotional symptoms.

Contrary to popular belief, an ear infection doesn’t always require treatment with antibiotics.  In fact, many doctors are now hesitant to prescribe antibiotics because studies have shown that they do not resolve ear infection any faster than letting nature take its course, and often cause more problems than they solve.  Trying home remedies first may save you a trip to the doctor – and if antibiotics are necessary, home remedies can still provide pain relief in the interim.

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