Mom And Baby Exercise

Mom And Baby Exercise

If you’re a new mom, you probably know that getting exercise can be tough. Taking care of a baby can take up a lot of your energy and it seems it takes all day just to get a shower!

Yet exercise is so important for a new Mom because it lifts the mood, helping prevent (or treat) postpartum depression, helps you get back into your old clothes and helps you sleep better too.

It’s often difficult to find someone to watch the baby while you go to the gym or you may not want to leave baby with someone yet if you’re nursing. To stay healthy and take off those extra pounds, try incorporating your baby into your workout routine. This way, baby can be entertained and you can work up a sweat. Plus, once you’re used to it, exercise can give you a great energy boost to get through your long, stressful day. Check out these Mom and Baby Exercise Videos, Books and DVDs on or the following.

Exercises for Mom and Baby

* Walking. There are some great multi-terrain strollers which you can use for walks with your baby. You can also buy sling and go for walks with baby which will burn more calories and baby will be happier being so close to you. A walk can be a great way to stimulate your baby with new sights, sounds and smells, and can calm fussy babies too.

* Running and biking. Instead of buying expensive workout equipment, why not check out the specialized strollers the next time you’re at a sport supply store? They make devices specifically for running and biking safely with your child. And like walking, this also exposes your baby to new stimuli.

* Move, shake, and dance with your baby. Next time your baby is crying, instead of jiggling and rocking them, try putting them in a sling and dancing with them. If this doesn’t work to quiet them, you can still do it when they’re happy.

* Find a Mom and Baby exercise class. You can find free or low cost classes if you check out your county parks and recreation department’s offerings, or call a local gym.

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