Natural Health Magazine Review

Natural Health Magazine:
Where to buy: Natural Health

People are increasingly aware of the importance of natural health and a healthy and active lifestyle. Natural Health magazine encourages a healthy lifestyle for the whole family and covers a wide range of health, fitness and active lifestyle issues.

Informative articles include bodywork, vitamins, natural remedies, healthy recipes, pregnancy, men’s fitness, product reviews and much more. Gardening topics, exercise and outdoor sports are also covered in great detail.

The Natural Health Magazine is published 10 times a year by well-known health and fitness publisher, Weider Publications. The magazine includes a consumer guide that gives in-depth information on one special topic with up-to-date research. Readers can send in any questions they might have and these are answered by health professionals in the “Ask the Experts” section of the magazine.

If you are looking for a magazine that covers important issues in natural health, this magazine is for you.

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