Natural Stress Relief for Moms

Moms get stressed out, there’s no doubt about it. But if you’re nursing you probably don’t want to consider using prescription drugs to help you relax. There are natural ways to give yourself some stress relief.

Pilates is a wonderful exercise program for Moms. You can do it while pregnant, and even postpartum safely. You may need to adjust the intensity or duration of your workout. There are tons of videos and books on Pilates for Moms, check them out and try a few moves. A Pilates instructor once told me that it’s more important to do one Pilates move a day *in a relaxed and unstressed frame of mind* than to try to do an entire workout with the kids running around trying to jump on you!

Herbs like Kava Kava, Reishi mushroom, Lavender and Valerian are wonderful for helping you relax. Talk to a licensed health care practitioner before taking herbal remedies, especially if you’re currently on any prescription medications.

Reaching out to other Moms is so important. We need the community of women around us to help us be more balanced. Studies show that people who have meaningful friendships are more healthy and live longer. Adult friendships are very important. So seek out a community of Moms to befriend. They’re all around you, you just need to make the effort to find them.

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