What is Callanetics?

What Is Callanetics?

More than thirty years ago, Callan Pinckney created an exercise program that was quite unique for the time.  She named it Callanetics.

Somewhat like Pilates, Callanetics incorporates precision-like movements that focus on specific groups of muscles.  These movements are small yet powerful, and they serve to shape and tone as well as strengthen and promote flexibility.

In essence, the working of the muscles in a precise fashion increases the metabolism and helps to burn calories more effectively than most other exercise programs.  In fact, because Callanetics exercises reshape the body, the ability to lose inches is realized.  No matter what age you are, you can benefit from these non-impact exercises.

Due to the fact that the exercises are performed in a slow and methodical manner, the range through which you attain results is higher than the more traditional exercise routines available today.   Callanetics is fabulous for moms who may not be able to perform other types of exercises due to postpartum changes in their bodies.

Also nice is that there is no equipment used except for the body which acts as the resistant force.  Callanetics also offers better co-ordination, awareness of your body, and balance. Great for moms, since pregnancy and breastfeeding often throw the posture out of balance and lead to pain in the back and shoulders.

While Callanetics is not directly associated with weight loss, their new CardioCallanetics program is.  It has been designed to burn fat using a much slower range of exercises that require more muscles to become engaged in the motion process.

In order to lose weight, it is required that your caloric intake decreases in direct proportion to the calories you burn during this exercise program.

Utilizing this exercise program at least three days a week will yield significant results.  Moreover, these exercises can not only be done at home, but anywhere you like.

What is so unique about this program is that it incorporates a meditative component that allows the body to relax, thus preparing the body to become more receptive to the exercises at hand.

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