Breastfeeding Multiples - Tips for Moms nursing twins or more

Having multiple births can be a blessing but, at the same time, can pose challenges. One of which is breastfeeding. But before you hit the panic button, realize that you CAN breastfeed multiples and many moms have done it and found many benefits. Here are some helpful breastfeeding tips for moms of multiples.

Most experts, including other moms of multiples, suggest buying a really good nursing pump. The reason for this is that a breastpump can stimulate milk production if one or more of the babies can’t nurse well at first due to being a premie. The best pump for this situation is an electric double pump which allows you to express milk from both breasts at the same time. Although this can be costly to purchase, you may want to think about renting this kind of pump from a medical supply company.

Keep in mind that your babies are much better at stimulating supply than any pump, so nurse, nurse, nurse as often as your babies want to.

In addition, seek and accept whatever assistance is offered by either family members or friends. Don’t say no! You and your babies need for you to focus on them and your recuperation postpartum. This is a time when everyone needs to come together and address the concerns of day to day life… cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.

If you’ve had twins, try breastfeeding both at the same time. This saves time. Of course, it’s up to you. Do what you feel most comfortable with. There are no rules defining the right or wrong way to breastfeed multiples. Some Moms find that a baby sling or even two is essential with multiples. Some slings can be worn two at a time, like the Maya Wrap.

When breastfeeding your babies, choose a quiet area in your home where you are most comfortable. Ensure there are minimum disturbances when you’re learning how to nurse and the babies are learning.

Make certain you get plenty of rest in between feedings; reduce your stress level by eating a healthful diet, and be sure to drink plenty of fluids.

Newborns should breastfeed from eight to fourteen times a day within a 24 hour period. Nursing frequently keeps your milk supply high.

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