Family Night Activities - Turn Off The TV

Family time is becoming less and less common these days since in many families, both parents work outside the home. Do you find it hard to find enough time to spend with the kids? Or is everyone distracted in the evenings with computers,
video games, cell phones, etc?

Maybe it’s time for a new tradition = Family Night. Here are some ideas for family night activities.

Play board games. Board games make it possible for you to really focus on each other and enjoy conversation and laughs. Kids love to beat the parents at these games! Personally, my oldest son beats me in Clue every time.

If it’s a Saturday evening, why not go to your local park and fly kites.

If it’s raining, build a fort in the living room. Prepare hotdogs on a stick; toast marshmallows (over the stove if you have to!) tell stories, and have a great time.

Go out for a bike ride in the neighborhood.

Get everyone together to bake some cookies. Take a vote on what they would like, and assign everyone one job. For example; mom could make the dough; the kids could use cookie cutters to cut them out; dad could do the baking.

Playing charades.

Instead of dinner; how about a picnic in the back yard? After dinner, get out the Frisbee or play a game of touch football.

Perhaps you’ve already starting a scrapbooking project, but haven’t had time to finish. Think of the smile and giggles that will echo from the living room when everyone looks at the pictures once again. You’ll finally get to put the pictures
in the book; as a family.

Whatever you come up with, ideas for family night activities can be fun and bring everyone closer together. That’s the whole point, isn’t it? With everyone going off in different directions, think of how wonderful it would be to have everyone at home for dinner at the same time; seated together around the dining room table. Afterwards, clear the decks ’cause the party is about to begin!