Dad – Go Green

Dad Go Green

Men usually love cool gadgets and tools. It seems that they trade in their love of toys as small boys and just move to more grown-up and high tech versions. Luckily the consumer market is a playground for them with all the cool gadgets and toys they could ever ask for. Where once they may have used Lincoln Logs or Legos to build the castle of their dreams they can now use modern technology to build their home castle now with all the creature comforts they want. Green dads have lot of options too. There are numerous green gadgets and toys out there for dads to “play” with.

One such gadget is an MP3 player or an iPod. An iPod is actually a very green gadget made by a company called Apple that strives to be green as well. Dads can save money on music since they can just download their favorite songs, old and new, from iTunes and forgo buying complete albums in stores. Since iPods and MP3 players are portable you no longer have a need to burn CDs on your home computer either. You can listen to your tunes on the go via your iPod, on your computer, by attaching your iPod to a sound dock, or by attaching it to a car stereo dock. Dads can even take their iPod to the gym or for a jog by attaching it to their arm with a special arm band. There are even athletic shoes that can be synced to MP3 players to monitor workout activity. It is efficient and economic. Another big bonus is the fact that MP3 solar power chargers are also available to make powering up a green process too.

While Dad is working out he might also sport a sleek reusable bottle from Klean Kanteen or Sigg. Klean Kanteen makes a line of stainless steel water bottles in various sizes with various lids and sport bottle attachments. Sigg is a bottle made from aluminum with an inert epoxy lining inside. Both options are infinitely better than plastic which is not biodegradable and can leach harmful chemicals into the drinking water. They last a long time, they are healthier to drink out of and they are planet friendly.

Dads that love to camp are in luck too. There are many green gadgets available that make camping a snap. One such product is a flashlight called a Forever Flashlight that powers up simply by shaking. As you shake the flashlight a magnet runs over a metal coil which then generates electricity for up to 5 minutes of light with only 30 seconds of shaking. It is waterproof and has no batteries or bulbs. It is powered 100% by you! There are also a variety of solar flashlights and solar lanterns available as well. Just leave them out in the sun to charge during the day and you will have light for the evening hours.
Other solar powered camping gadgets that green dads will love include a solar powered computer charger, a solar cooking oven, and a solar power radio.

These products and many others are perfect for dads that love gadgets and toys and that care deeply about environmental issues.

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