Eating Well Before Your Baby Is Born

Some Moms think when they find out they’re pregnant that they can eat whatever they want. While you may be eating for two there are guidelines which should be followed to ensure your child is born healthy and at an appropriate weight. I can wholeheartedly recommend this Fit and Healthy Pregnancy Guide for sound prenatal nutrition that has stood the test of time.

For some moms the way they eat does affect their child before birth. So here are some recommendations from pediatricians in particular and the medical community in general.

* If you smoke, quit. Smoking can decrease a baby’s birth weight and lead to multiple health problems for baby.
* Do not consume alcohol. Alchohol consumption can increase the chance of birth defects. Despite the fact that some women seem to give birth to healthy babies and drink some alcohol, is it really worth the risk?
* Limit caffeine intake. Studies show it may cause miscarriages if consumed in large amounts.
* A high fiber diet woth plenty of high quality protein can reduce the chance of preeclampsia.
* Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables.
* Increase your calcium intake with raw, nonhomogenized dairy products and other sources of calcium .
* Exercise is essential for an easier birth and your overall condition. Walking 20 minutes a day, swimming, and Pilates will give you more energy, ease uncomfortable symptoms and help you have easier healing after the birth.
* Keep track of your sodium intake. While eliminating salt is not a good idea, bags of potato chips aren’t either. It is natural and healthy for your body to experience some bloating in late pregnancy, as it has a protective effect. Don’t stress about it too much.

While these are just a few recommendations supported by medical doctors, it is also important to have a balance within. Exericse is a perfect way to calm and soothe if you are feeling stressed or upset.

In addition, when you begin to feel those pangs for sweets or foods you would not normally eat, have some veggies prepared with a dip of your choice. The dip could consist of your favorite yogurt then add a few herbs and you are set to go.

It’s worth the time to research and become knowledgeable in all phases of your pregnancy from the get-go.