Gifts for the Natural Baby Shower

Are you heading to a baby shower and want to present an eco-friendly, natural baby gift? Here are some suggestions.

Make your own baby gift basket with natural baby items you’ve hand picked from places like, or buy one like this: Organic Egyptian Cotton Newborn Baby Gift Basket

Soft sole leather baby shoes are all the rage right now and would be a huge hit with a natural mom, since they are best for baby’s feet.   These come in a wide variety of adorable styles and colors, in sizes from tiny newborn to preschooler.

What about toys? With all the recent recalls, more moms are opting for natural cloth and wooden toys. These are usually much higher quality and will last for years, generations even.

Organic baby clothing is free of pesticide residues and flame retardants. Pass on the PTBs and buy a layette made from organic cotton hemp, soy or wool. The same should be true of baby’s bedding.

Natural baby skin care products like the Earth Mama Angel Baby or Burt’s Bees line would be a hit with any new mother concerned about what goes on baby’s skin. Or you could make your own natural baby skin care products!

Happy natural baby shopping!

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