Make Money Writing for the Internet

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Website owners and bloggers know that to get high search engne rankings and traffic to their site, they must have good, quality content, and they are willing to pay for it. Not only do website owners need to hire writers, they also need editors and proofreaders. In this section, we’ll discuss the home business options for moms who want to get paid for their writing.

As with many jobs, there are various specialties a person can decide to spend their time doing. When it comes to writing, a person can choose to become a freelance writer, a ghostwriter, or a copywriter. Depending on their skill set, a writer may be able to find jobs in all three areas.

When it comes to web writing, the most in demand form would probably be ghostwriting. In this scenario, a ghostwriter is hired to write things like articles, blog posts, special reports, and ebooks that a website owner can sell or give away.

The term “ghostwriter” refers to the fact the writer is invisible. The person who hires the ghostwriter is able to claim the work as their own, as if they were the writer.

A new ghostwriter can expect to earn between $8 and $10 per 400 word article. A more experienced writer can charge $15 or $20 for an article of the same length. Once again, jobs can be found by visiting online job and freelance sites and places like SheLancers, which is for women only.

Unlike a ghostwriter, a freelance writer will receive credit for their work.  In some cases, the payment for the work comes in the form of publicity for your site, as you will be able to receive a byline and incoming link to your site.

The competition for paying jobs can be quite steep, especially if you are choosing to write for a very well known website. Offline freelance writing jobs can be found in magazines and newspapers.

Freelance writing jobs are not always posted. In some cases, it is up to the writer to send a query letter to the publication’s owner or editor, containing ideas for articles. If the editor is interested, they will contact the writer and offer them an assignment.

The most specialized form of web writing is copywriting. This also happens to be the highest paid form of web writing.  A copywriter writes sales pieces, such as sales letters, ads, marketing emails, and more.

writing for pay onlineCopywriters need to have more than just good writing skills. They need to know how to make people jump up and buy things! Because this is a specialized skill, beginning copywriters can expect to earn $100 for a sales page, with advanced copywriters charging $500 and more for a sales page.

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