Online Bookkeeper Business for Moms

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If you are the type of mom who is good with math and enjoys balancing your checkbook, you may do very well as an online bookkeeper. 

More and more people are starting their own businesses, many of these being home based. Many of these business people do not have much bookkeeping experience or would rather focus on marketing their business – and they will gladly pay someone else to handle this area of their business.

These business owners need someone to help them keep track of their receipts and business expenses, balance their books, and assist with tax preparation. 

Since many of these people have their own home based business, they are specifically seeking a bookkeeper who also works from home. They simply do not have room to hire someone “in office.”

In addition to being good with numbers and math, bookkeepers need to be very accurate and pay attention to detail.  While you don’t need to be a particularly fast typist, you will need to be an accurate typist. Even a small error could turn into a big problem for your client.

To complete this type of work, you will definitely need a computer. High speed internet access is recommended as you and your clients will be sending files back and forth. 

Many of your clients will prefer that you use Quickbooks, so you will want to have that installed on your computer. It is also a good idea to have Microsoft Office, as you may want to keep track of some files in Excel and will need Word to create letters and contracts.

Jobs can be found online by browsing freelance sites, and online job boards such as I also highly recommend you join a site like SheLancers in order to land good clients quickly and to learn how to maximize your earnings.

online bookkeeper business for momsJust like any business, the rate you can expect to charge will vary depending on the tasks performed and the amount of experience you have. Generally speaking, a bookkeeper can expect to earn $15 an hour and up. Read more about starting a bookkeeping business here.