Proofreading Business for Stay at Home Moms

Proofreading Is a Great Business for Stay at Home Moms

The work at home trend has produced many options for moms who want to spend more time with their kids. But the fact is that a lot of these options require you to do at least a small part of the work away from home. There are, however, some exceptions. One of those is proofreading and editing.

Advertising your services online and in publications can provide you with work. That work can be done in the comfort of your home, on your computer. In most cases, the work can be transmitted electronically, eliminating the need to mail or delivery of the finished product. But the ability to do the majority of the work from home is just one of many reasons that proofreading and editing are great for moms.

Proofreading and editing do not require a specific degree. While many publishers that hire on-site editors require a college degree, most freelance work does not. Gaining clients and demonstrating the knowledge and ability to produce quality work can help convince new clients that you are worthy of the job. Even large clients will often consider experience in lieu of a degree.

Flexibility is one of the most desired qualities of a home business. A proofreading and editing business can deliver lots of flexibility. While you will often be working with deadlines, you can work the hours of the day that are best for you. Whether you prefer to work early in the morning before the kids get up, during the day while your school-aged children are in school, or late at night when everyone else is in bed, you can do it. Proofreading is quiet work, so you don’t have to worry about waking anyone up.

Those trying to work at home with small children often have a hard time scheduling phone time. Interruptions can make it difficult to have a productive conversation, not to mention that they make a bad impression. There is little phone work involved in proofreading. An occasional chat with a client may be necessary, but it’s not one of those jobs that require you to be on the phone a large portion of the day. Any calls that must be made can often be put off until the children are napping or some other convenient time. Questions can even be sent by email to most clients, cutting out the phone altogether.

Proofreading Business

Editing and proofreading provide a profitable and enjoyable home business opportunity. The services are in great demand, and providing them allows for great flexibility and minimal travel. These traits make proofreading and editing an ideal business for moms. If you consider good spelling and grammar and attention to detail some of your strong points, you could do well with a proofreading business.

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