Transcription Work at Home for Moms

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transcription business for moms
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Making Money At Home Offering Transcription Services

General transcription is a new and fast growing field. Unlike medical transcription, no special training is needed. A general transcriptionist will listen to an audio file and simply type what she hears.

A general transcriptionist will need to type accurately at a moderate speed. There is software available that will slow down the speech on the audio files so that the transcriptionist can type without having to continuously stop and start the audio.

Common transcription projects include transcribing teleseminars, podcasts, interviews and other audios into ebook form. As more and more websites start using audio on their sites, more website owners will be looking for general transcriptionist to turn these audios into documents.

General transcriptionists can expect to start out earning around $10 per hour and can charge more as they gain experience and as their typing speed improves.

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