Virtual Assistant Business for Moms

Virtual Assistance businesses are a hot work from home idea for Moms. Basically a VA can provide almost any service that a business owner needs, but without leaving her home. With high speed internet connections, a Virtual Assistant can quickly get her work to her clients and get paid very well for doing so. I can personally recommend two resources for moms who want to start a VA business.

One: How to Become a VA
Two: Moms Talk Biz Guide to Starting a VA Business

Starting A Virtual Assistant Business

Also known as a VA, a virtual assistant performs the same type of tasks for their clients as administrative assistants in brick and mortar buildings. For example =: answering emails, submitting articles to directories, maintaining websites, internet research, affiliate management, creating social networking pages, light bookkeeping, customer service and more.

As you may have guessed, the term “virtual” refers to the fact that the VA works from home and connects with their clients via phone and email.

A virtual assistant may choose to specialize in one or two types of tasks, such as marketing, blog installation and customization, or affiliate management. In this case, they may take on a more suitable title, such as “internet marketing assistant” or “affiliate manager.” If someone is going by the general term “virtual assistant” it is safe to assume they are open to taking on a general assortment of tasks.

To become a VA, you will need fairly good language and grammar skills, be able to type at a moderate speed, and be comfortable working with basic computer programs, such as email and word processing. It is also recommended to have high speed internet.

If you choose to specialize in any certain area, you will need specialized skills and, possibly, specialized software to complete those tasks.

Virtual assistant jobs can be found by visiting job boards and freelance work sites. I recommend SheLancers to help you land clients and learn how to maximize your earnings. Many VAs get their clients through word of mouth recommendations too. Joining a networking group like MomMasterminds is another great way to get clients and learn more – which will help you earn more money.

The pay rate for a virtual assistant can vary greatly. Someone new to the VA field can expect to earn between $10 and $15 per hour. An experienced VA, or one who chooses to work in a specialized field can charge more – $25 – 45 an hour is not uncommon.

virtual assisstant business for momsReady to start and run your own Virtual Assistant business from home? Instantly access your Moms Talk Biz Guide to Starting a VA Business.

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