Natural Moms Podcast #100

My special guest this week is Jody McLaughlin of Compleat Mother Magazine

Jody is talking about the animal model of birth and postpartum care, how birth experience impacts breastfeeding, and what we can learn from farmers about improving outcomes for moms and babies.

To read a transcript of this interview, go here: Jody McLaughlin of Compleat Mother.

Jody has graciously offered to give away several prizes to help us celebrate our 100th show!

First up for grabs is a free subscription to Compleat Mother. To win, simply leave a comment below before Midnight Eastern Time, Tuesday October 7th - one commenter will be randomly chosen.

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15 Responses to Natural Moms Podcast #100

  1. Eren Mckay says:

    I had to do cesarian sections because of birth complications. My recovery from cesarian was terrible- couldn’t even stand up straight for 3 months. The doctor said that due to excessive coagulation in the uterus i lost a lot of blood and that added to anemia that i had.
    When my baby was born he was crying so much and i started to singing to him in the operating room.The nurse was holding him far away from me but when i started singing he immediately stopped crying. He recognized my voice! That was my first son Jordan- who is now 11 years old. The bond between us is amazing.
    Loved the show:-)
    Eren Mckay

  2. Kim says:

    Hello! I just wanted to say that I love the Natural Moms Talk Radio podcast and blog and would love a subscription to Compleat Mother!

  3. I would also love the win a subscription! Thanks for the great contest!

  4. Congratulations Carrie! You should be very proud of recording your 100th episode! Here’s to 100 more!

  5. Congrats on your 100th Post!!! What a fantastic and intriguing interview. I’m a huge fan of her publication and this interview resonates to the core. There are so many great highlights in your interview. I had my first child at home and it was one of the most memorable experiences in my life! I’m pregnant with my second child and am sooo excited to be able to share the experience with him. More woman need to be educated when we it comes to birth. This interview is a great tool for expectant mother’s and those who desire to have a children. I completely agree with the entire interview and hope that one day our medical care system changes for the sake of woman and babies!!! Great job! Happy 100th!!! :)

  6. Malkie Citrin says:

    Highly informative and interesting interview.
    Thank you for sharing all this good information.
    I especially liked the story about the woman who refused to have her baby washed off! We need more woman to be assertive like that to get this system changed!

  7. Kai says:

    Congrats on #100!!!
    What a great interview!

  8. Okay, that graphic is awesome!!!!

    Congrats on 100 shows Carrie :)

  9. Kim says:

    Love your podcasts. Congratulations on your 100th show :)

  10. Elizabeth Ashe says:

    hey, great show.

    Really, really interesting.

    I want that magazine. lol….

  11. Jennifer Berendt says:

    Congrats on the 100th show. Thank you for podcasting and bringing such a wonderful array of topics and interviews.

    I had a c-section and thanks to Jody McLaughlin for giving c-section mommas some options.

  12. carrie says:

    Leslie is our winner! Leslie email me :-)

  13. Leigh Anne DuChene says:

    What an amazing interview! Jody is such a knowledgable force for the change in maternal and infant care in our nation. I love the Compleat Mother publication. I work with expectant and postpartum moms everyday and I see the fears and traumas that our nations medical care system’s approach to birth has caused. My work is to help mothers heal from this and become whole again, emotionally and physically. I am so thankful to have resources to turn to like Jody, and Compleat Mother Magazine. Thank you Carrie for this fantastic interview.

  14. Lynn Reed says:

    I agree that is the medical profession really wanted to change the CS rates/intervention rates they would have already done so.
    If we want to see changes WE HAVE TO BE THE CHANGE- period.
    I cannot imagine why we cannot see that as long as there are ICUs/ ORs/NICUs at all hospitals thne they have to do something to keep them full.
    Women, families, have to demand change and the best way to do that is vote with your feet.
    Don’t go there! They do not hav spaghetti on McDonald’s menu so why would you go to a hospital for a natural birth? They don’t really know what THAT is. ( and it does not mean you don’t wear any make-up!)
    I love Carla Hartley with Trust Birth. She says, “Too many women have been told too many lies. Too many women have lost something they don’t even know they had. “We want to tell the truth and tell the truth and tell the truth until women find it in themselves again.”

  15. Nicole Carbisiero says:

    this is a wonderful resource for moms! I have three kids, Kyla was born c section, and oliver nad ravon were vbac at home
    i love the compleat other! I made handmade cloth diapers for my children and also use diaper free method! I am interested in sellinghandmade goods, support circles for moms, eating locally, homeschooling, and more! thank you for thispodcast and blog…i will spread the word to my circle of moms.

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