Natural Moms Podcast #108

December 16, 2008

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dayna martin unschoolingMy guest this week is Dayna Martin of The Sparkling Martins.

Dayna is a nationally recognized expert, writer and speaker on Unschooling. Her blog is a fun and fascinating look into the daily life of an unschooling family.

Dayna and her husband own a natural wooden toys business, Willow Toys.

We’re talking about natural parenting advocacy. Dayna talks about how moms can find an area they’re passionate about in order to pursue advocacy and then how to get their voice heard.

We also talked about how a mom’s attitude about breastfeeding is such an important aspect of creating success. Visualization and an optimistic worldview has a tremendous impact on birth and breastfeeding.

Dayna also recommends avoiding things that make you feel bad and guilty and fearful and instead doing the things that make you feel good. As an example, exercise during pregnancy. If you enjoy walking more than doing pelvic tilts, then forget the pelvic tilts and walk!

Ditto for nutrition. Instead of being dogmatic and righteous about your choices, it’s better to find what foods make you feel well and healthy. If you take in fear with your food, you absorb less of the nutrients. This has been documented scientifically. What you believe about food and health tends to come true for you.

Dayna encourages moms to find what feels good and right for them for their births and use that method instead of sticking to a preconceived idea. For instance, Dayna listened to heavy metal music during her birth because it worked for her instead of new age soft music. Dayna is developing a natural childbirth method that helps moms find what clicks with them as individuals.

To be an authentic parent, we need to be who we are instead of living someone else’s script. Many people shift from mainstream parenting to natural parenting but this doesn’t mean doing what others are doing. I mentioned how uncomfortable I am with the question “What is a natural mom?” because I don’t want to set up some ideal. It’s about listening to your instincts instead of relying on external experts.

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3 Responses to “Natural Moms Podcast #108”

  1. Esper on December 18th, 2008 2:32 am

    I too went into breastfeeding thinking it was the easiest thing in the world. And guess what? It was! I swear all I had to do was have the doula assist me and show me how and from then on it was so easy.

    Still is at 17mo :)

  2. Realrellim on December 30th, 2008 4:42 pm

    I think positive thinking definitely helps, but it’s not the all-or-nothing scenario that Martin portrayed (her comment about how she couldn’t imagine what her life would look like if she had a c-sec). My natural birth ended up as a c-section and a baby in the NICU for a week. Besides the IV and oxygen, she had pacifiers, bottles, formula (EBM once there was enough to transfer to a bag) and didn’t get to start nursing until she was 6 days old. Once we started, we didn’t have any problems, and now as a 4-year-old she still loves to breastfeed.

    Sure, natural birth is ideal for a good breastfeeding scenario, but in less-than-ideal situations, it also helps to roll with the punches and keep thinking positively about the next thing. Natural mothering shouldn’t be all or nothing.

  3. Dayna on March 3rd, 2009 9:31 am

    Realrellim, I agree with you completely. It is hard in one short pod cast to define an entire personal philosophy and I feel that during the point of the show, I didn’t explain myself very well.

    I was sharing about my own personal journey and how having a natural birth was so profound to me. If I would have chosen to schedule a C-Section out of fear, like several friends I know did, I do not think I would be on the path that I am.

    It wasn’t the physical aspect that I was trying to share about, it was the intention. Yes, someone can have an amazingly empowering C-section if it is done in Joy rather than fear.

    I enjoyed taking part in the show, but when I listened to the part you are talking about again I cringed, because I didn’t like how I worded it because you are so right, it did come off really black and white.

    Anyway, I am so glad you had an amazingly empowering experience and so glad you posted a comment.
    ~Warmly, Dayna

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